Pulp and paper

Black Pearl® Grease EP

Black Pearl Grease EP is a high performance multipurpose polyurea grease, formulated with mineral base stocks in combination with EP additives. Black Pearl Grease EP is suitable for lubrication service in automotive and industrial applications.

Coupling Grease

Coupling Grease is a high performance grease, with a lithium soap/polymer thickener, which offers a high resistance to separation under the high centrifugal forces found in couplings.

Paper Machine Oil XL

Paper Machine Oil XL are high performance metal-free paper machine lubricants designed to offer high-level antiwear protection in paper machines through centralised lubrication circulating systems.


PMO is a range of proven performance paper machine lubricants, formulated with selected mineral base oils and tailor-made additives, designed to deliver dependable performance over an extended service life.

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