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  • FAST™ Oil Analysis



    Sampling and mailing couldn't be easier. Just put your samples in the pre-labeled vials, then send the vials to us using pre-labeled mailers.


    Our state-of-the-art laboratory in Ghent uses barcode reading to improve precision and increase sample throughput. The analysis always includes the metal content for a complete range of metals (wear metals, additive metals, etc.). We constantly monitor and calibrate our analytical equipment with reference samples. But we don't just rely on the latest technology. Our marine lubricant experts review every report and add commentary where appropriate.


    • Easy to read reports are sent immediately upon completion to your personal email address, the fax in your office, or any combination of addresses you wish.
    • Email is marked so you can see at a glance whether action is required. An icon in the top right corner of faxed reports indicates the need for immediate action.
    • FAST provides data results as well as diagnostic comments by in-house experts.


    With your own password-protected web page, you can access:

    • Recent reports with easy-to-read graphs, including Base Number, Pentane Insoluble Material, Viscosity at 40°C, Iron and Copper Content, and Acid Number (where applicable)
    • Historical data on vessels and equipment for use in your own studies, presentations and reports
    • Directions for electronic receipt of analysis reports by e-mail or fax, according to your preference

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  • DOT.FAST® Drip Oil Analyzer

    On board drip oil analysis made easy

    dotfastWith the introduction of new emission legislation, more stringent requirements for marine engine working conditions, and the emergence of slow steaming and other new modes of operation, it is more important than ever to balance conditions in your engine.
    Drip oil analysis can give you the answers. Analysis of unburned cylinder oil which has passed through the combustion chamber and past the pistons and liners in the main engine is an effective way to monitor engine wear.


    The sulphur/base balance

    High sulphur fuel oil burns to produce oxides of sulphur (SOx) during combustion. In the presence of water, these SOx form sulphuric acid which causes corrosion in the engine; different levels of sulphur in the fuel oil contribute to varying levels of acidity.

    One function of the cylinder oil is to protect the engine from acidic corrosion. This is achieved by the alkalinity of the cylinder oil, defined by its base number (BN) and its feed rate. Too much alkalinity however, will result in the formation of excessive abrasive deposits on the piston crown top lands, ultimately leading to increased liner wear and scuffing.

    It is important to maintain the correct sulphur/base balance. This balance can be achieved by changing to a cylinder oil with an appropriate BN, by adjusting the cylinder oil feed rate or a combination of the two.

    The total iron content measured by DOT.FAST® indicates the total corrosive and abrasive wear taking place in the engine, enabling you to make any necessary adjustments.


    dotfastThe DOT.FAST Onboard Test Kit consists of the Drip Oil Analyzer, pipette, DispoRack™ and DOT.FAST Onboard Software. Everything you need for a full year is supplied with your first order, and the service can be extended for subsequent years as required.


    • Minimize consumption by optimizing cylinder oil feed rates
    • Optimize management of fuel with varying quality
    • Discover early indications of engine wear
    • Minimize build-up of abrasive deposits
    • Measure wear onboard with laboratory accuracy
    • Maximizetime between overhauls
    • Perform predictive maintenance and minimize downtime
    • Minimize risk of scuffing


    • Monitor effectiveness of fuel purification
    • Identify system oil leakage
    • Monitor piston and ring groove wear
    • Identify blow-by

    We immediately report our experts' recommendations back to your office and/or ship. You can also access historical data via the web.

    Samples sent to Chevron's renowned Ghent laboratory are fully analyzed (base number, iron and all other elements) and reviewed by our technical experts.

  • Analysis Kit

    The sets contain five analyzes, with sample bottles, information leaflet and data cards, as well as gloves for sampling.

    analyse tex nyTexChek
    Preventive Used Oil Analysis / Examination of Engines and Industrial Machines.

    An oil analysis system that, in addition to an analysis of the lubricating oil, can provide important information about wear on the machine.TexCheck is thus an indispensable tool in the business to provide systematic maintenance.Recommended primarily for oil analysis in petrol and diesel-powered engines, gearboxes, transmissions, air compressors and hydraulic systems, but is generally recommended for analysis of oil-lubricated systems.

    analyse geo nyGeoChek
    Preventive Used Oil Analysis / Gas Engine Oil Examination.

    GeoChek is an oil analysis system specially developed for the analysis of used oil from gas engines. GeoChek contains analyzes that provide very specific information about the oil degradation stage. GeoChek allows you to determine the condition of the oil and the remaining life with great accuracy. This means that you can make oil changes at an optimal time. In addition to this, GeoChek provides an analysis of the content of wear metals in the oil, which allows you to intervene in extreme wear and tear. GeoChek is therefore an indispensable tool in the systematic maintenance of gas engines.

    analyse cool nyCoolChek
    Preventive Used Oil Analysis / Examination of Cooling Machine Oil.

    CoolChek is an oil analysis system specially developed for the analysis of used oil from refrigeration compressors. CoolChek contains analyzes that provide very specific information about the oil degradation stage. This means that not only the cooling machine, but also the operating condition of the plant can generally be improved by using CoolChek. In addition to this, CoolChek provides an analysis of the content of wear metals in the oil, which allows you to intervene in extreme wear and tear.

    analyse cool nyGlycolChek
    Preventive analysis / investigation of coolant and antifreeze.

    GlycolChek is an analysis system specially designed for the analysis of coolant for all types of cooling systems. GlycolChek contains specific information about the condition of the refrigerant as well as the plant's general operating condition and will therefore be an indispensable tool for systematic maintenance of refrigeration plants. Systematic analysis of the refrigerant condition ensures that the system / plant performs optimally. This means that the life of the plant and refrigerant is optimized.

    analyse cool nyCleanChek
    Preventive Used Oil Analysis / Hydraulic and Industrial Rolling Inspections Including Particle Counts ISO 4406 or NAS 1638.

    CleanChek analysis is specifically designed for larger hydraulic and gear systems. CleanChek provides specific information on the oil's state and purity-including measurement of, among other things, oxidation, particle counting according to ISO 4406c or NAS 1638, and measurement of the wear metal level in the system.

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