Veritas® 800 Marine

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Veritas® 800 Marine 30 is a crankcase lubricant for two-stroke marine engines. Veritas 800 Marine is blended with highly refined base oils and carefully selected additives to provide very good anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties. The combination of detergency and the exceptional oxidation stability provides clean piston interiors and crankcase. Veritas 800 Marine 30 is formulated with the appropriate level of alkalinity to neutralize acidic combustion products that can enter the crankcase.

  • MAN Energy Solutions
  • WinGD (formerly Wärtsilä)
  • Japan Engine Corporation (Mitsubishi)

Veritas 800 Marine 30 is recommended for the crankcase lubrication of large low-speed marine diesel engines operating with all fuel types and under all loads and operating conditions. Veritas 800 Marine 30 should be used in accordance with OEM guidelines and recommendations.

  • Engine Protection
    Helps to protect bearings and white metals in the engine lubrication systems against corrosive wear from acidic combustion by-products.
  • Engine Cleanliness
    Helps to ensure clean crankcases, piston interiors and lubricating oil lines.
  • Smooth Operation
    Can prevent the formation of foam and ensures smooth operation of pumps with a continuous oil feed to all engine parts.
  • Easy Purification
    Effective water and contaminants handling.