Texatherm HT 22

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Texatherm HT22 is a high performance synthetic heat transfer fluid formulated to operate over a wide temperature range, from –45°C up to +290°C, where it gives excellent oxidation stability and deposit-free operation.

Texatherm HT22 provides a long service life in closed heat transfer systems. Its low pour point provides energyefficient start-up and good pumpability in sub-zero ambient temperatures, where pipes or expansion tanks may be sited outdoors.

  • DIN 51522
  • ISO 6743 L-QB

Topping up a system that is operating with a mineral oil based heat transfer medium with Texatherm HT 22 or vice versa is not recommended.

  • Texatherm HT 22 is recommended for indirect heat transfer in closed systems operating in a wide range of applications, such as chemical, leather, textile, rubber, chipboard, food, building materials and fodder processing operations. It is also suitable for use in laundries.
  • Within its wide operating temperature range Texatherm HT 22 can also be used in cooling applications for the removal of process heat.
  • Optimum operating temperature range: -45 to +290°C
    Maximum use temperature: +300°C
    Maximum film temperature: +310°C
  • High temperature oxidation stability at +290°C ensures clean, deposit-free system performance
  • Dissolves existing system deposits and goes on to maintain system cleanliness, improving uptime
  • Extremely low pour point provides easy pumpability and energy-efficient low temperature start-up
  • Long fluid service life reduces maintenance downtime and saves money