Rust Proof Compound L

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Rust Proof Compound L is a soft film rust preventive for relatively long-term protection of iron and steel components. Formulated from a high melting point petrolatum and a special rust inhibitor system with penetrating and water displacing capabilities. Rustproof Compound L® contains a petroleum solvent to make application easier.

  • Application of Rust Proof Compound L can be used over rust, scale, paint or other rust proofing materials. However, it will be easier to apply, and long-term protection will be obtained if heavy rust and other deposits are removed prior to application.
  • Rust Proof Compound L should not be heated above 55°C. If the required consistency cannot be obtained by heating, it can be thinned with Stoddard Solvent to any consistency for easy application. It can be applied via brush, drip or spray.
  • Rust Proof Compound L can be used on but not limited to the following; undercoating of vehicles, transformer casing, bridges and floating bridge pontoons, storage vessels (non-food), non-potable water tanks, ballast tanks, gas holders, hoisting equipment, farm implements, and iron and steel exposed to atmospheric conditions before, during and after manufacturing into finished parts.
  • Spraying of Rust Proof Compound L can be accomplished with conventional pressure-feed, air-atomizing spray equipment. Where indoor spraying is to be performed, the use of airless spraying equipment is recommended in well ventilated area.
  • Rust Proof Compound L is not suitable for use on surfaces carrying pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • Superior Long-term Rust Protection
    Petrolatum and special additive system form a nonhardening, self-sealing film to protect surfaces against the elements. Good water displacing capabilities helps ensure that the protective film is also waterproof. The special rust inhibitor system ensures maximum protection against corrosive attack. Good penetrating characteristics ensure difficult-to-reach seams and crevices receive effective corrosion protection.
  • Requires Minimum Surface Preparation
    Ability to penetrate existing flaky or heavy rust means that little or no preliminary cleaning of metal surfaces is required before application. This penetrating ability makes existing rust easier to remove.
  • Self-sealing Film
    Self-sealing properties of the protective film minimizes the need for touch-ups when film damage occurs through scratches or brush marks.
  • Easy Removal
    Soft protective film is readily soluble in petroleum solvent to enable easy removal when required.