Regal EP

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Regal EP 100 / Regal EP 150 / Regal EP 220 / Regal EP 320

Regal EP is a steam, hydraulic and gas turbine oil formulated with highly refined paraffinic base oils and an ashless additive package, offering good oxidation stability, corrosion resistance and anti-wear performance.

  • ISO 6743/5(L-TSA, L-TSE, L-TGA)
  • BS 489
  • ASTM D4304/T1 & T2
  • Regal EP 32-150 is recommended for use in the lubrication systems of mineral oil lubricated steam and hydraulic turbines operating under many service conditions, particularly in modern turbo-sets where the turbine oil is used for gearbox lubrication
  • Regal EP 32-150 is also recommended for gas turbines in moderate service where high ambient temperatures are not present in the bearing housings. The wide ranging properties of Regal EP also make it suitable for the lubrication of certain equipment associated with turbines for which it is recommended.
  • Typical applications include air compressors, bath and circulating systems supplying bearings of many types, lightly to moderately loaded gear sets, pumps, electric motors and low to moderate pressure hydraulic systems
  • Regal EP is NOT recommended for aviation gas turbines in either aircraft or non-aviation service
  • Other applications for the higher viscosity grades include machine tools, speed reducers, roller chains, cone drivers, helical gear reducers, large motor bearings, sleeve bearings and lower speed ball and roller bearings
  • Offers good oxidation stability, helping ensure long service life under high thermal and mechanical stress
  • Reliable resistance to acidic oxidation and sludge formation, helping protect bearings and avoid sticking valves
  • Formulated for robust water separation characteristics and foam resistance with good air-release properties