Texaco Havoline PitPack system

Following a successful pilot programme, Texaco Lubricants has introduced the new Texaco Havoline PitPack system across Europe.

The benefits of the Havoline PitPack are twofold. Firstly, the compact square design makes it easier for Texaco customers to stock and shelve Texaco Havoline engine oils, while also helping to optimise freight, with space for 50 per cent more product per pallet (48 cartons versus 32 pails). Secondly, the carton is fully recyclable, while interior liners result in less plastic use and lead to lower energy consumption in the manufacturing process when compared to conventional pails of the same size. 

Customer focused solutions

The Havoline PitPack is an efficient storage, display and dispensing system for engine oils that provides product integrity from the box to the customer’s engine.

Each corrugated carton holds 20 litres of engine oil, sealed in a self-collapsing polyethylene liner bag.  The boxes are easily stacked to allow garages to stock a wider range of viscosities without taking up the space of a tank or multiple drums. Branded carton labels have been designed to match Texaco Havoline small packs, to ensure they are still easily recognisable.

An easy to use, non-drip, dispensing nozzle allows users to pour the oil into transfer jugs, each of which holds up to five litres of engine oil and has clear measurement markings. The specially designed jugs feature lids to help prevent dirt from getting into the oil and come with labels showing product names and viscosities to help prevent cross-contamination.

The PitPack display rack holds up to six cartons, plus six transfer jugs, as well as removable drip trays for easy cleaning.  The rack is ergonomically designed to sit lower to the ground to prevent unnecessary lifting and takes up significantly less space than six 20-litre pail packs.

Less energy use, more recyclable material

Another key element of the Havoline PitPack concept is its energy efficient production and the recyclability of the material choices. 

The new liner bags within each carton, contains 85% less plastic* than previous 20 litres plastic pails, with an HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) weight of 134 grams versus the previous 900 grams.  The reduction in plastic use also lessens energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

Finally, the corrugated carton itself is 100% recyclable** and thanks to the separate liner bags can be disposed of with general waste, rather than adding to the industrial waste stream.

Products available for use with Texaco Havoline PitPack can be found in the table below. 

Further information on the full range of Texaco Havoline products can be found here. 

* Use separate dispensing jugs to avoid cross-contamination of product.

** Discard the liner bag only after all the oil has been emptied.