Multigear RN Premium SAE 75W-80

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Multigear RN Premium is a high performance SAE 75W-80 multigrade manual transmission fluid, specially designed for use in passenger car and van manual transmissions and transaxles.

  • API – GL-4
  • Multigear RN Premium is specifically designed around the demands of the P series 6-speed manual transmissions used in Renault, Nissan and Opel vehicles (Renault Laguna, Vel Satis, Espace, Trafic, Master; Nissan Primastar, Interstar; Opel Vivaro, Movano)
  • Meeting these demands means that Multigear RN Premium is also suitable for use in manual transmissions and transaxles fitted to other modern passenger cars and vans. Multigear RN Premium is also suitable for use in light-duty non-hypoid transfer boxes
  • Although this fluid has the performance level API GL-4, the demands of passenger car and heavy duty transmissions are not exactly the same and it is recommended that a dedicated heavy duty gear oil such as Geartex EP-A or Multigear is used in heavy duty synchronized manual transmissions requiring an API GL-4 fluid. Multigear RN Premium should not be used in automotive transmissions, transaxles or differentials that require an API GL-5 gear lubricant
  • Shear stable viscosity improver promotes consistent fluid viscosity against the shear stresses present in modern transmissions, helping maintain oil film toughness and transmission protection throughout fluid service life
  • Dependable EP performance aids critical protection against gear scuffing, pitting and wear, under arduous service conditions
  • Robust fluid design promotes long-term bearing durability and service life
  • Friction modifier, additives and fluid viscosity combination helps optimise synchroniser operation for light, easy gear shifts
  • Mild-EP additives are non-corrosive to vulnerable copper alloy components
  • Contributes robust and reliable rust and corrosion protection
  • Oxidation stability resists in-service oil thickening and helps to keep transmissions clean and deposit-free
  • Compatible with a wide range of elastomers, helping protect against fluid leakage through seal deterioration
  • Good foam suppression