Havoline ProDS VB SAE 0W-20

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Havoline ProDS VB SAE 0W-20 is premium performance synthetic fuel economy engine oil specifically designed with advanced technology additives to meet Volkswagen-Audi engine lubrication requirements.

  • Porsche C20
  • Volkswagen VW 508 00/509 00
  • Havoline ProDS VB SAE 0W-20 is suitable for use in latest Volkswagen and Audi gasoline (direct & indirect injection), diesel (direct injection & all diesel cars equipped with a DPF) and hybrid passenger cars. It is a mid SAPS fuel economy oil compatible with diesel particulate filters (DPF).
  • Havoline ProDS VB SAE 0W-20 is recommended for vehicles requiring a VW 508.00/509.00 approved engine oil, in practice also called VW Blue Oil and is not backwards compatible with other active and obsolete VW/Audi engine oil specifications
  • Havoline ProDS VB SAE 0W-20 can only be used when allowed by VW as indicated in their car manuals/handbooks since this engine oil is unsuitable for some engines. Consult owners’ manual or handbook if in doubt
  • Formulated to offer performance and protection to specific new low emission and fuel-efficient engines designed by Volkswagen-Audi
  • Low viscosity performance in combination with advanced additive system offers improved vehicle fuel efficiency
  • Mid SAPS technology designed to protect catalysts and DPF systems promotes low emission output
  • Offers wear and corrosion protection to cylinders, pistons, rings, and valve trains, helping provide optimum engine service life
  • Designed for soot dispersancy and sludge handling, protecting against engine wear
  • Good low temperature pumpability helps to deliver rapid oil circulation and minimise wear during cold temperature starting