Havoline ProDS F SAE 5W-20

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Havoline ProDS F SAE 5W-20 is a premium performance synthetic passenger car engine oil especially designed for use in direct injected, turbocharged Ford gasoline engines.

  • Ford WSS-M2C948-B
  • Jaguar Landrover ST-JLR 03.5004
  • ACEA C5, A1/B1
  • API SN-Resource Conserving
  • ILSAC GF-5
  • Ford WSS-M2C948-A
  • Ford WSS-M2C925-B
  • Applications requiring Ford WSS-M2C945-A
  • Applications requiring Fiat 9.55535.CR1
  • Applications requiring Chrysler MS-6395
  • Havoline ProDS F SAE 5W-20 is designed for several Ford B-max, C-max and EcoSport models, and many Ecoboost gasoline engines but can also be used for gasoline engines where WSS-M2C925-B is prescribed.
  • Havoline ProDS F SAE 5W-20 does not cover WSSM2C917-A (Ford KA) nor WSS-M2C937-A (Ford focus ST & Ford Focus RS)*
  • Designed to reduce engine friction and provide improved fuel economy without compromising on engine reliability and durability
  • Helps reduce maintenance costs through extended drain times and advanced long-life engine and emission system protection
  • Low Phosphorus formulation helps protect three-way catalysts in emission control systems, offering reduced exhaust emissions
  • Low temperature fluidity aids rapid lubricant circulation during cold engine starts, contributing to increased engine protection
  • Synthetic base oils in combination with advanced cleaning additives minimise deposit formation and wear, helping extend engine life
  • Advanced cleaning additives designed to minimise deposit and sludge build-up, extend engine life and maintain fuel economy