Havoline ProDS F SAE 0W-30

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Havoline ProDS F SAE 0W-30 is a premium performance synthetic passenger car engine oil designed for use in recent Ford TDCi diesel engines.

  • Ford WSS-M2C950A, Acknowledged by Ford Motor Co
  • Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.03.5007
  • ACEA C2
  • Havoline ProDS F SAE 0W-30 is specifically designed for the Ford 2.0L Focus diesel engines manufactured from September 2014 and the Ford 2.0L Mondeo diesel engines manufactured from 2015*.
  • Havoline ProDS F SAE 0W-30 is suitable for use in other models such as C-Max, Grand C-Max, Kuga and can also be used for gasoline engines*.
  • Havoline ProDS F SAE 0W-30 is not suitable for all engine types.

Consult owners’ manual if in doubt.

  • Designed to reduce engine friction and provide improved fuel economy without compromising on reliability and durability
  • Helps reduce maintenance costs through extended drain periods and engine and emissions system protection
  • Designed to minimise emissions through low SAPS technology and helps protect catalysts and diesel particulate filter systems
  • Low temperature fluidity aids rapid lubricant circulation during cold engine starts, contributing to increased engine protection
  • Synthetic base oils in combination with advanced cleaning additives minimise deposit formation and wear, helping extend engine life
  • Advanced cleaning additives designed to minimise deposit and sludge build-up help extend engine life and maintain fuel economy