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ECOSURE HSE is a range of environmentally acceptable, high performance and anti-wear hydraulic fluids. These
HEES fluids are based on fully saturated renewable esters and use state-of-the-art ashless, zinc-free additive

The ECOSURE HSE range can be used in hydraulic applications in sensitive environments, especially marine, where there is potential for fluid loss to occur and where water contamination is below 1000 ppm. Typical applications include CPPs, water tight doors, ramps, platforms, davits, winches, capstans, cranes and some design of stabilisers.

• The ECOSURE HSE range has an excellent viscosity temperature profile and unlike many high VI mineral hydraulic fluids, does not use viscosity index improvers, so will not shear down in use.
• ECOSURE HSE will outperform competing biodegradable hydraulic fluids in oxidation tests which indicate fluid life. They achieve up to 12,000 hours in the ASTM D943 DRY TOST and over 800 minutes in the ASTM D2272 RPVOT tests giving performance superior to many mineral oil-based fluids.
• ECOSURE HSE fluids show biodegradability of > 60% in the 28-day OECD 301B test and are considered non-toxic in the marine environment.

• Extended fluid life resulting in less equipment downtime.
• Improved lubricity resulting in less wear and longer pump life.
• Good extreme temperature performance (-35°C to +100°C).
• Good VI ensuring the fluid remains within the desired viscosity over a broader temperature range.
• Good oxidative and thermal stability resulting in less fluid thickening and system failures.
• Superior demulsification giving excellent water separation.
• Good shear stability results in less viscosity loss, fewer fluid changes and prolonged pump life.
• Good long-term filterability resulting in less filter blockages and downtime.