Delo SYN-GEAR XS SAE 75W-140

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Delo Syn-Gear XS SAE 75W-140 is a premium performance fully synthetic automotive gear oil formulated for use in heavy-duty driven axles and differentials in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

  • Scania STO 1:0, STO 2:0A (Approval on this formulation obtained under previous name – Multigear S SAE 75W-140)
  • ZF TE-ML 05A, TE-ML 12N, TE-ML 16F, TE-ML 19C, TE-ML 21A (ZF registration number: ZF002274)
  • API GL-5, MT-1
  • Ford WSL-M2C192-A
  • Mack GO-J
  • Meritor O76-M
  • SAE J2360
  • US Military MIL-PRF-2105E
  • ZF TE-ML 07A (Products meeting the necessary performance requirements for these standards are approved for use by ZF, but there is no product listing)
  • ZF TE-ML 05B, TE-ML 21B (In April 2017, ZF combined class TE-ML 05B with class TE-ML 05A, and class TE-ML 21B with class TE-ML 21A)
  • TE-ML 12B (ZF has transferred this approval from TE-ML 12B to a new class, TE-ML 12N, which is a higher performance level)
  • Delo Syn-Gear XS SAE 75W-140 is suitable for use in API GL 5 applications that require a high-viscosity product. It is approved against Scania STO 2:0 A, which is a Scania axle oil requirement that gives high fuel efficiency and extended drain interval. It may also be used in Scania transmissions when the ambient temperature is between -25°C and +30°C. Delo Syn-Gear XS SAE 75W-140 is also recommended for use in applications that require a lubricant conforming to Ford specification WSL-M2C192-A, such as the differentials of Jaguar cars and Ford Transit vans.
  • The friction characteristics of Delo Syn-Gear XS SAE 75W-140 make it generally unsuitable for use in synchronized manual transmissions and transaxles, and it should not be used in these applications unless a GL 5 fluid is specifically recommended
  • Designed to offer long drain capabilities, reducing service maintenance and downtime
  • Helps provide improved fuel economy particularly when used in Scania axle gears
  • High performance EP additives promote protection against scuffing and wear, under low speed/high torque and shock conditions
  • Low temperature fluidity assists rapid lubricant circulation and system protection during cold-starts
  • High VI formulation aids effective high temperature viscosity retention, lubrication performance and system protection
  • Robust oxidation stability assists in-service oil thickening resistance, keeping components clean and free from harmful deposits