Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW

  • Available packages:
  • Bulk min. 2000L
  • Barrel 208L
  • Can 20L

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Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW 32 / Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW 46 / Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW 68 / Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW 100

Clarity® Hydraulic Oil AW is a high performance hydraulic oil designed with premium base oil technology in combination with an advanced zinc-free ashless additive system. It offers robust oxidation stability, water separation, foam suppression with dependable wear, rust and corrosion protection to both mobile and stationary hydraulic vane, piston and gear-type pumps operating in industrial applications and in environmentally sensitive areas. It is well-suited to applications where yellow metals are present in hydraulic systems. Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW is a shear-stable high VI hydraulic oil designed to improve equipment efficiency and increase the operating temperature range.

  • Blohm+Voss Stern tube applications
  • Wärtsilä-Japan Stern tube applications
  • DIN 51524-2 (HLP)
  • DIN 51524-3 (HVLP)
  • ASTM (D6158, HV)
  • ISO (11158 L-HV)
  • Eaton Vickers (M-2950-S, I-286-S)

Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW is designed to give reliable protection in mobile and stationary hydraulic vane, piston and gear-type pumps operating in high performance industrial applications as well as in environmentally sensitive areas. Many hydraulic systems are required to operate in environmentally sensitive areas where leaks or spills of hydraulic fluid may result in contamination of the soil or nearby waterways. Unlike Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW , conventional anti-wear hydraulic oils are formulated with metal-containing performance additives which can persist in the environment. Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW is designed to meet or exceed the performance requirements of conventional anti-wear hydraulic oils, especially in severe, high-output applications such as axial piston pumps. The anti-wear performance of this oil makes it especially suited for high performance applications utilising axial piston pumps where pressures may exceed 5,000 psi. Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW has offered good performance in applications involving servo-valves using multi-metal components.

  • Premium Performance
    High performance ashless formulation is designed to meet or exceed major vane, piston and gear pump manufacturers’ requirements for viscosity, rust and corrosion protection, hydrolytic stability, water separability, foam inhibition, and filterability.
  • Long Oil Life
    Offers robust oxidation stability and longer service life than conventional zinc-based anti-wear or vegetable oilbased hydraulic oils.
  • Wear Protection
    Reliable anti-wear formulation helps optimise wear protection in high efficiency, high speed, high temperature and high output equipment.
  • Environmental Sensitivity
    Designed for low toxicity, biodegradable1 performance and has very low acute aquatic toxicity to both fish and invertebrates based on tests of water accommodated fractions. Ashless formulation facilitates conventional recycling programs.
  • Zinc-free
    Zinc-free, ashless design helps protect in applications where yellow metals are present in piston pumps.