Capella Premium 68

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  • Barrel 208L
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Capella Premium is a proven performance semi synthetic refrigeration compressor lubricant designed for use in ammonia refrigeration compressors, and is formulated to offer protection against deposit formation and rust.

  • DIN 51503-1 (KAA)

Capella Premium is recommended for the lubrication of ammonia refrigeration compressors

Capella Premium is not recommended for refrigeration systems using halogenated refrigerants (Freon)

  • Offers high resistance to oxidation in the presence of ammonia, aiding sludge-free system performance
  • Lower volatility over conventional mineral oils promotes reduced oil consumption
  • Low carry-over performance contributes to system cleanliness and operating efficiency
  • High VI helps maintain lubrication efficiency and system protection during high temperature operation
  • Balanced semi synthetic base formulation contributes to seal compatibility
  • Low temperature fluidity promotes rapid lubricant circulation and system protection during cold starts
  • Low pour-point helps prevent evaporator blocking, contributing to optimum thermal exchange