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BIOGEAR XP is a range of environmentally acceptable, high performance, extreme pressure (EP) gear oils based
on fully saturated esters with a high degree of renewability.

The BIOGEAR XP range is designed for use in sensitive marine environments, where there is potential for fluid loss to occur and has a high degree of renewability. Typical applications include thrusters, some CPP designs and deck equipment.

• Designed for an exceptionally wide operating temperature range, protecting equipment from -25°C to over 100°C. A highly stable top-tier lubricant that provides superior oxidation protection under severe conditions. It is not prone to oxidative thickening thereby ensuring a longer service life.
• Does not contain viscosity index improvers and will therefore not shear down in use. It exhibits excellent water separation, extended fluid lifetime, high EP protection and low wear.
• Has good compatibility with common sealing materials including Nitrile and Viton®. Miscible with common mineral based gear oils, but old oils should be drained completely to avoid any risk of additive incompatibility.
• Has excellent demulsification properties and separates readily from any water entering the thruster allowing it to be removed from the unit in accordance with thruster OEM guidelines. It is recommended that water content should not exceed 1000ppm (0.1%).
• Achieves a biodegradability of > 60% in the 28-day OECD 301B test, and is considered non-toxic in the marine environment.

• Exceptional anti-wear and resistance to micro-pitting.
• Excellent thermal stability.
• Superior oxidation resistance under severe conditions and not prone to oxidation thickening, ensuring a longer service life.
• Excellent water separation if contaminated due to excellent demulsification properties.
• Does not use viscosity index improvers and so will not shear down in service, resulting in an extended fluid life.