Anderol 3046

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Synthetic Compressor Lubricant. Anderol® 3046 is an ISO 46 compressor lubricant based on synthetic esters and synthetic hydrocarbon (PAO) with a specially developed additive system providing excellent oxidative and thermal stability. Anderol® 3046 meets or exceeds the following specifications: DIN 51506 VDL , ISO 6743-3 L-DAJ

• Cincinnati Milacron
• Sauer & Sohn
• Bundeswehr
• Girpi
• Botarini
• Nuovo Pignone

Lubrication of oil flooded screw, axial and centrifugal compressors, or any other application requiring an oxidation resistant lubricant.

• Fewer oil changes.
• Increases maintenance intervals.
• Separates water condensate rapidly.
• Lower oil consumption.
• Eliminates lacquering and deposits.
• Reduces energy consumption.