Texaco Motor Oil 20W-50

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Texaco Motor Oils are a range of effective performance  robust, shear stable multigrade engine oils offering proven  performance where extended drain periods are  recommended. 

Formulated with a robust additive formulation, Texaco  Motor Oils are suitable for use in gasoline and diesel  passenger car and light duty van engines and offer  effective engine protection over long service intervals.

  • Texaco Motor Oils are developed to offer effective  performance in gasoline and diesel passenger and  light duty van engines. They are suitable for use in  direct injection as well as older type diesel engines. 
  • Texaco Motor Oil is suitable for gasoline and diesel  engines requiring API SL/CF and ACEA A3/B3  (SAE 15W-40 and 20W-50)  
  • Texaco Motor Oils also provide protection in engines  where oils are recommended meeting the former  API CD/SG/SH/SJ 
  • Texaco Motor Oil SAE 20W-50 is suitable primarily for  older engines for use in high temperature and heavy  duty operations such as towing heavy trailers at  highway speeds or up inclines for long periods of time.  They are also recommended for some high  performance engines used in racing and rallying. 
  • Effective detergency promotes protection against varnish  and ring sticking, improves engine cleanliness and sludge  resistance 
  • Thermal stability and low-temperature fluidity offer  protection in cold-starts ups, high temperature, high  speed or city stop-start driving 
  • Extended drain interval capability offers long service with  increased uptime and lower maintenance and repair  costs