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  • Modern ships deserve the best lubricants

Lubtec is the official distributor of Texaco lubricants and Chevron marine products in Estonia and Latvia

In our product range you can find the right lubricant for everything that moves – from cars to heavy trucks, from tractors to wind generators and from watches to cruise ships. Our smooth deliveries, high-quality products and professional after-sales service, including regular oil analyzes and consultations, can keep any mechanism, large or small, running smoothly.

Passanger cars

We offer wide range of Texaco® Havoline® engine oils, transmission oils and other lubricants and working fluids for passenger cars. The selection includes special oils that meet the latest special requirements of car manufacturers, as well as universal oils suitable for slightly older cars. You can conveniently buy small packages in the e-shop here. Most products are also available in larger containers more suitable for car workshops.

Commercial vehicles

A stationary machine does not bring in money. Keeping your technology running smoothly is the goal of our business. Texaco® Delo® high-quality oils and lubricants ensure the reliability, high productivity and long life of all heavy trucks. The Delo® product range includes engine oils specially designed for use in high-power diesel engines as well as gearbox and reduction gear oils, hydraulic fluids and greases used in various components.

Marine lubricants

Lubtec offers Chevron® Marine lubricants that cover absolutely all the needs of the marine industry, from fishing boats to container ships. We deliver lubricants to more than fifty different ports in the Baltic Sea.

Industrial lubricants

Modern industrial and energy equipment may require the use of very specific lubricants. Lubtec offers an extremely wide range of Texaco® and Anderol® industrial lubricants – compressor oils, gear oils, food industry lubricants, etc.

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